Battles with sleep/further battles with I-80

Today we logged another 300+ miles on I-80. Highlights include a 75 mile an hour speed limit, and a sign that said “Friend — exit 369.” Lowlights include not having to turn for 50 mile stretches, and lots of cow manure.

Ahoy from Colorado! If you’re wondering how we got here so fast, let us explain. We got into Iowa City at around eight last night, set up the van for sleeping, and then passed the time with Magic cards and Percy Jackson and the Olympians: The Lightning Thief. Baz and Nani took a short walk to a small airfield nearby, and soon after they came back, it started pouring outside. Thus, we found ourselves trapped in the van, with the windows closed. To quote Baz: “I hate to turn this into an inferno, but we better close the windows.” However, our efforts to stay dry were for naught, as all of us soon broke into heavy sweats in the ‘inferno’.

We tried sleeping for maybe ten minutes when one of us cracked and suggested we just drive to Boulder through the night. To translate, they were actually saying “let’s make it so we can turn on the air conditioning.” We all jumped at this suggestion, and soon I found myself waking up at four in the morning to drive my shift through a Nebraskan sunrise. Omaha lit up the darkness until the sun emerged and we drove out of the city. Fog rose with the sun, covering vast fields of grass with ethereality; it appeared as if we were driving over bodies of water. Baz kept me company in the front seat, and our experience of this formerly dreaded state was an awe-inspiring one (although it inevitably showed its true monotonous colors once the sun was fully out and the fog gone).

We just recently passed into Colorado, freeing ourselves of I-80. Nebraskas vast flats turned into rolling hills, corn fields expanded, and cows plumped up. Boulder in a few hours!

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2 Responses to Battles with sleep/further battles with I-80

  1. pat hamilton says:

    wow!!!!!! You are really moving along much quicker than I expected. I guess being in a hot car in the rain would cause anyone to decide to drive further along!! I hope you are getting my comments. I really do not understand this blog stuff. But it is great fun to hear about all of your adventures. Do you have many cans of tuna left? And is the water holding out ok?

    Have fun,


  2. Water and tuna so far are good! Glad you’re reading!

    -the gang

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