Last days in LA

Los Angeles has been a blast, especially thanks to the hospitality we have received from Zagy’s family and from the Bass/Glovers. We spent our Friday afternoon bodysurfing at Venice beach, and with Zagy and I busting our muscles at Muscle beach. During the evening we had a wonderful dinner with the Bass/Glovers near the beach.

On Saturday Zagy had a raucous time with two of his friends, Eli and Daniel. Baz and Nani were once again disappointed in trying to replace her lost sole, finding an overly expensive thrift store instead of a thrifty one. They did, however, pick up a pair of misfit cowboy boots at a yard sale. I got scorched at Joshua Tree, saw my first road runner, and jumped Jesse Spencer’s car, the actor who plays Dr. Chase on House (thanks to Amanda for coming with me and recognizing him). At night Zagy and I met up with Baz and Nani, who were with our friend Cory at his apartment. While on the way I pulled into the parking area of an apartment complex, thinking it was a parking garage, and its automatic gate shut behind me. Thankfully we found the people who had opened the gate at the moment I was passing the building, otherwise Zagy and I would have been talking to our friends all night through the bars of the world’s largest jail cell.

So after that close call and some others, we’re off to Arizona!

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4 Responses to Last days in LA

  1. pat hamilton says:

    well, it does sound like you have been very busy and adventurous. It is nice to hear that Zagy got to spend time with Daniel and Eli. What are you going to do about Nani’s sole???? Zagy knows how to repair almost anything with Duct Tape. Perhaps you should buy some of that and then Zagy could do his majic.

    Have a great time on the next part of the journey.


  2. Ben's nervous mother says:

    That represents the 2nd time on a vacation adventure that you have now gotten locked behind a gate after hours!

    I think Nani needs a sole retrieval–as you’re in LA I’m sure that can be arranged.

    I don’t want to know about the other “close calls” until you’re 30.

    Any pics of Joshua Tree for Joshua?

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