When in the comforting embrace of home there come irresistible temptations to sleep in late, to watch movies, and to procrastinate writing blog entries. It’s been a week since our return, and I apologize to any readers who are still waiting for my last post.

Here are some final stats from our trip:
We drove through 30 states.
We drove approximately 9,000 miles, so it appears we gave the blog the wrong name.
Our longest drive was 29 hours long, our shortest was 5 hours.
We made it from Arizona to Massachusetts in 3 days.
We went through 2 oil changes and 20+ tanks of gas.
5 seasons of television shows and dozens of movies were watched by Zagy and I in the back of the van.
There were over 1,200 hits on the blog
There were over 6 gigs of pictures taken

And some final pictures from our trip:

View from the South Rim of the Grand Canyon. You can see the North Rim of the canyon in the right corner on the horizon line, 18 miles away.

2 hours, 5 miles and 3,500 feet down into the canyon.

Exploring a boulder field in Alabama.

Our last day of climbing on the trip, at 6 in the morning and two hours before we left for Baltimore.

So that’s all folks! Thanks for reading.

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3 Responses to Home

  1. pat hamilton says:

    It is great to get the final blog. It sounds like it was an amazing adventure. Glad that you have all returned home!!


  2. Spack89 says:

    You lost all of your fans. only two posts…

  3. janet yassen says:

    Just getting to this….It’s wonderful to re-read your adventures and look forward to ‘howevermanythousand, part II….

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